Does the use of the TAP IT™ Golf System cause damage to the cups?

When used as recommended they will cause no noticeable damage.  For example, one of our customers over a weekend (Saturday and Sunday) with a full 2 days of tee times and the same pin location used both days (no new holes were cut) the hole edges looked normal after 2 days use on all 18 holes.  Extreme force on the TAP IT disk could potentially sink the cup slightly although we have not seen this to date.

What makes it better than just a pipe in the hole or flipping the cups over?

Cups that have been flipped over, pool noodles, or pipes placed in the cups have been found to let the ball bounce off of them and not stay in the cup; this is particularly true if the golf ball hits the object with too much velocity.  The TAP IT disk sits deep enough in the cup as to not have any effect of stopping a ball from staying in the cup.  In addition, the TAP IT in no way changes the flagstick diameter and has no attachment above ground that may cause interference.

Can these be used for tournament play?

Yes. The one rule with objects on the flagstick or in the cup states that there cannot be anything from ground level 3 inches up or 3 inches below that would come in contact with the ball.  To our knowledge the TAP IT Golf System seems to be the only one able to meet this rule. 

Is it worth it if it is only a temporary device?

Our customers have mentioned several times to us that the biggest comment so far with their Golfers about the TAP IT Golf System is: “why don’t we use this all the time anyway”.  These can be a permanent addition to any Golf Course particularly to help out Golfers with reduced flexibility.  In the meantime, it is our belief and our customers experience that Golfers would rather golf at a course that lets you putt out normally so this may be an added bonus to your course to attract Golfers.

Why can’t I just make my own?

This question could be asked of most things you buy for your Golf Course.   The reality is that we have developed and refined the TAP IT Golf System and what you get is a fully tested ready for install device that meets the standards required in the Rules of Golf, you will likely spend far more than the cost of the unit to design and build your own.  In addition, we have applied for a Patent and if we are successful in getting it granted you may be creating a liability position for your Golf Course.

What makes this device better?

This device has no attachments above the cup and is below 3” from ground level.  This is so far the only device that will not affect the ball while going into the cup.   They are also very easy to install, very durable, and cost effective with the cost being covered in most locations by a single group of four players.

Is it hard to use?

Golfers will need a little bit of guidance on how to tap the disk with light pressure and may take a hole or two to master it.  PDF downloads are available on the site to make printed instructions to post at your course if you are interested, contact us if you intend to make a bigger sign and we can provide you with a vector version of the instruction sheet.  We have found that customers of all ages and skills have no problem learning how to use the system.

Can handicaps still be recorded with this device?

Yes. So far this is the only device we have seen that does not change the outcome of putting nor affect balls hitting the flagstick.  We have submitted our device for testing in Scotland and hope to get their confirmation of this.

Where is the TAP IT Golf System manufactured?

The TAP IT was invented, tested, and is currently manufactured in two facilities in the City of Edmonton and the Town of Barrhead both located in Alberta, Canada. 

To where and how do you ship?

We ship the TAP IT Golf System all around the world, we strive to ship your product within 24h of receiving your order (Monday to Friday), and all orders are shipped with 2 to 3 day service within the USA and Canada.   We use DHL or USPS (via Canada Post) for USA orders, and Canada Post for all Canadian orders.  We use DHL exclusively for all international orders, and generally ship with 3 to 4 day service internationally; however, with COVID-19 we have found all shipments can take and extra day or two.


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